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Shieldite consists of natural minerals and is primarily carbon-based. Shieldite conducts electricity and is naturally electrically resistant. Shieldite transmutes harmful EMF's, providing a safe and healthy environment which is free of harmful electro-magnetic fields.

Shieldite is a very rare material, of which only a few deposits exist in the world. Shieldite consists of approximately 98% carbon, but in a very unique structure. Unlike regular carbon, which forms in clusters of 70-90 molecules, Shieldite forms in clusters of 6-8 molecules. It is due to these unique properties of Shieldite that the material has such strong electromagnetic transmutation strength. It is important to note that Shieldite is an electrically conductive material, which is an attribute closely related to its ability to provide EMF-protection. Shieldite does not eliminate electro-magnetic fields; what it does is it transmutes the harmful electro-magnetic output into a harmless, neutral state. This allows important wireless communicative devices, such as Wi-Fi, Blue-Tooth, and cell-phones to operate seamlessly in the presence of shieldite.

Shieldite does need to be grounded on a regular basis in order to clean it and release electrical charge build-up, however it never degrades and never needs replacing. Small shieldite products are recommended to be grounded once daily. Medium-sized shieldite products such as the balls, pyramids, and cubes, are recommended to be grounded once every two days. Larger shieldite products can be grounded every three to seven days. In order to ground your shieldite, simply place it on a the ground or a metal object which is grounded to your houses grounding wire; this can be a sink, metal stovetop, or pipe. Leave the shieldite piece for five to twenty minutes depending on its size. Small pieces will only take a short period of time while larger pyramids and cubes will take longer.

Our shieldite products are refined, shaped, polished, and sealed in the production process in order to create the sleek-looking finish. We have a vast selection of shieldite to choose from. The current line of Shieldite products we have to offer are residential-grade and designed for in-home and in-office use, and can be worn to provide protection on the go. Our other Iyashi products do not protect from EMF's, though they will aid in bio-energetic recovery; Shieldite is the only product we offer which will transmute harmful EMF's completely.

Everyday Use

Shieldite transmutes harmful EMF's, providing an environment which is free from harmful electro-magnetic fields. Shieldite can be placed in your working space, in your pocket, on your cellphone, in your bedroom, and just about anywhere.  For more info go here and click on  Sheildite/ articles

Shieldite provides protection that helps you stay focused. Harmful EMF's can cause health pervasive health problems, as well as increased levels of fatigue. Whether you're working, or just having fun, having shieldite in the room will help ensure that you feel your best. The size of your shieldite selection is an important choice. The larger the shieldite, the larger the protection radius. The shape of shieldite will not have an effect on the EMF protection. Small shieldite is recommended to be within an arm's reach. Medium-sized shieldite is good for a medium-sized room, or a couple metres distance. Large-sized shieldite will provide protection for a large-sized room. As long as you are within the functional radius of your shieldite, all shieldite whether large or small will function the same.

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Zap Your Pain Faster Than It Takes For Your Pills To Work

Did you know that statistics show pain affects more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined?  It is the silent epidemic that affects an estimated 50 million chronic pain sufferers in the US. Their pain is caused by accident, illness or disease. Acute pain sufferers from surgical procedures or accidents account for another 25 million. Statistics also show that two-thirds of those people have been living with their pain for more than five years. Pain is also one of the things that frightens people the most.

People with pain find that their ability to do their job, look after their family, perform daily tasks, socialize, exercise, sleep, even concentrate can be greatly diminished. Some clinical studies show that depression is the most profound and frequent psychological reaction from pain sufferers, along with loss of self-esteem and feelings of isolation. Acute pain brings on anxiety and if the pain continues, depression can follow.

Pain is a complex issue. Universities and Institutes that specialize in pain know that it is more than just nerve transmission and sensory interpretation. Pain is this complex soup of physiology, sensation, culture, emotions, perceptions of self and of course, spirit. The most important characteristics of pain is your unique make-up that will markedly impact your experience of it.

There is a whole traditional panoply of options open to the pain sufferer, including doctor visits, medication, pain management clinics, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, hydration, acupuncture, body work, massage, yoga and psychology. The path to pain reduction is paved with the possibilities of finding the unique combination of therapies that are going to be effective for individuals. This takes time and money.

Some theories suggest that pain is blocked energy. From a scientific and medical standpoint, swelling reduces blood circulation and accumulates toxins in localized tissues. If the swelling is great enough, it blocks the flow of innate energy and pain results. That certainly seems to bear truth, particularly in injury. By using a harmless zero-point field like in the Iyashi Wand, the field pulls or pushes the blockage and re-establishes the flow of energy. The increased flow helps restore blood and lymph circulation, toxins are removed by the body and the injury heals more quickly with greater comfort.

This also bears truth in chronic conditions like arthritis and joint stiffness. In studies the zero-point field in addition to the electromagnetic, far infrared and piezoelectric fields improves the collagen in the joints, providing greater flexibility and mobility.

Clients report that their pain has changed in as little as 3 minutes and they experience relief more quickly than their current pain medication without the side effects of it. Typical results seem to bear that repeated wanding is needed to completely eliminate the pain but change can be noticed during the first wanding. This is great news for those who seem to have chronic conditions for which they believe they are stuck with the endless suffering. Pain strikes fear into the minds and hearts of everyone. No one likes pain nor do they want to endure it for years. The Iyashi Wand brings new hope to pain sufferers everywhere and it is our wish that we have a pain-free world.

This wand does far more than just deal with pain. Educate yourself.

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